February 2016

Changing SharePoint page title

On a site homepage, the title of the actual site is automatically displayed at the top of the page.  For other wiki page library pages (like pages in the Site Pages library) [...]

Editing SharePoint Site Pages

Learn how to change the layout of the page to provide different configurations (perhaps you want 3 columns on your page), how to easily tell if a SharePoint page should be [...]

Create a New SharePoint Page

Every SharePoint site already has a homepage, but you can create additional pages for that site as well.  For example maybe you want to display the files from a document [...]

SharePoint Links App

The links app is great for simple links with no images and no descriptions. It just lists the link title in a bulleted list format like in the example below: To add a Links [...]

SharePoint Summary Links Web Part

The Summary Links Web Part can be used to either show links to content (pages or files) or to display people.  In this article we are going to show how to use this web part [...]

Getting Started with Nintex Forms

The following is a list of good tutorials to get you started with Nintex Forms.  The first article is how to create a Nintex form followed by several other getting started [...]