Promoted Links App

The Promoted Links App is great for graphical links (links with images) where when you hover over the image you see the description for the link:
If you already have a promoted links app on your site and need help editing the links, skip to step 6 below.  This tutorial is divided into 3 sections:

  • Create a promoted links app on your site
  • Add a promoted link app to a page
  • Edit or add links to the promoted links app.

Creating a promoted links app on your site

1. Click on the Site Contents left navigation link, then click on the add an app icon.

2. Click on the Promoted Links app.


3. Provide a name for the app, in this example we are simply naming the app Promoted Links.

Adding promoted link app to a page

4. Now that the App is created, edit the page you want the links list to appear on.


5. Click on the Insert tab, App Part, Promoted Links (or whatever you named your Promoted Links app) and the App should be added to the page.  Click Save to save the page.

Creating or editing the promoted links

6. To add or change the promoted links click on the webpart title on the page or go to Site Contents and click on your Promoted Links app.

7. This will bring you to the Promoted Links list, now click on the List tab, Current view dropdown, select All Promoted Links.

8a. (Editing a link) To edit an existing link, click on the checkmark area next to the link you want to edit to highlight that link.  Then click on the Items tab, and choose Edit Item.

8b. (Creating a link) Click on the new item link

9.  Enter a link title, image url, description for your link, and the link url.
**See the Finding Promoted Link Images tutorial for tips on choosing images.


Example of Promoted Links app on a page



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