Creating a Nintex Form

Nintex forms allow you to modify the SharePoint data entry page on almost all the different types of SharePoint Apps (lists and libraries).  You might want to modify the data entry page to improve the look, show or hide specific fields conditionally, pre-populate some field values, or to add more robust field validation.

Creating a Nintex Form

1. Either go to an existing SharePoint list or library, or create a new list. If creating a new list it’s usually recomended to start by creating a Custom List which is basically a blank template which allows you to only add the columns that you need.

2. Make sure your App has all the columns that you will need on your form. It’s way faster to add columns before you start creating your Nintex form than to add the columns later.

3. (Currently you must use IE to create a Nintex Form) Once all the columns has been added to the App, click on either the Library or List tab, then select the Nintex Forms option.

4. This will open the Nintex Forms interface with the ribbon on top, the different field type options on the left, and the form window on the right.

5. Double clicking on the field will bring up the Control settings for that field. This is where you can change the appearance, add custom validation (like ensuring the date entered is greater than today for example), or enter Help or Null display text for the field.

6. Once you made some changes to your form, click on the Nintx Forms tab and select Preview. This will open the Preview pane where you can select to see the Edit, New or Display form. Then click Generate Preview, this will help you preview your form to make sure it’s displaying and functioning correctly before publishing.

7. Once you are done editing your form, you can either Save the form. This will save your changes so you can continue editing it later. Or you can Publish the form which create the new form on your list or library. Once the form is either Saved or Published, you can then click the Close button to return to the SharePoint site.

About Nick Hurst (85 Articles)
SharePoint and Nintex developer who strives to find easy to deploy and maintain solutions for business problems.

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