Adding new fields to existing Nintex Forms

Whenever possible try to create all the columns (also known as fields) on the App before initially editing it with Nintex Forms. This is way faster and easier than adding columns later. But if you do need to add a new column to a published Nintex form, follow these steps.

1. Open the Nintex Form

2. In the ribbon, click on the Create Column Option. Provide a column name, type and any other information for the column. Click OK to create to the column.

3. In this example we are going to place the new column in between the Title column and the People Column. So first we are going to select all the columns beneath Title to move them down. To do this, click and drag across the screen so the entire area of each column is highlighted. In this example you can see the entire area for all columns except title are being selected.
4. Once you release the mouse button, all the columns and label fields will now be highlighted.

5. You can now drag all the columns downward making room for a new label and column.

6. Click on the List Columns left tab option, and then click and drag the new column you just created onto the form.

7. Resize the column so it’s roughly as big as the other columns.

8. Notice that there is no gray background and the field is not vertically centered like the other fields. To fix this, click on an existing column (Title in this example), and click on the Format Painter option in the Ribbon. This selects the formating for that field.

9. Then click on your new column. The formatting from the existing column has now been applied to your new column.

10. Now we need to create a label for the new field. First click on an existing label in the form, then using the Ribbon options (The keyboard copy and paste don’t always work), first click on the Copy icon, then click on the Paste icon.

11. Drag your new label into place on the form. Then in the ribbon change the Associated Control from the column you copied the label from to the new column you created. So in this example we are changing the label from Title to Status.

12. Now select all the columns below your new column using the same method as in Step 3, then drag all the columns up so there are beneath your new Status column.

13. Now when you preview your form you will have your new status column beneath the Title column and above the Person column.

About Nick Hurst (85 Articles)
SharePoint and Nintex developer who strives to find easy to deploy and maintain solutions for business problems.

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