SharePoint Links App

The links app is great for simple links with no images and no descriptions. It just lists the link title in a bulleted list format like in the example below:

To add a Links App to a site or page

1. Click on the Site Contents left navigation link, then click on the add an app icon.

2. Click on the Links app. Provide a name for the app, in this example we are simply naming it Links.

3. Now that the App is created, edit the page you want the links list to appear on. Click on the Insert tab, App Part, Links (or whatever you named your Links app).

4. Once the App part has been added to the page, click on the web part dropdown arrow (only visible when page is in edit mode), and choose Edit Web Part.

5. For the Selected View, choose the <Summary View>. Click OK at the bottom of the Links web part properties section to save the change.

The Links app will now be displayed on the page, you can add links to make it look like the example below:

Re-Ordering links on the Links App

By default the links will be displayed in the order you created them.  To change the link order:

1. Go to the Links App (click on Site Contents, click on your Links App)

2.  Click on the Items tab, click on the Change Item Order option.  This will change the order in the list and on all the webparts as well.

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