Create a New SharePoint Page

Every SharePoint site already has a homepage, but you can create additional pages for that site as well.  For example maybe you want to display the files from a document library, with some text instructions above them, and a links list besides them.  To do this you would want to create a new page instead of trying to edit the document library page which doesn’t have near as many options.


Creating a new site page

1. Click on the Site Contents link in the sites left navigation, find the Site Pages app and click on it.

2. Click on the new document option

3.  Enter the name for the new page then click on the Create Button.  (The name of the page will be displayed at the top of the page.  Putting spaces in the page name will put a %20 in the URL since URLs cannot have spaces.  See the 2 alternative methods below if this is a concern for you.
Create-New-Page-16-3**Alternative #1: Use dashes instead of spaces, although the page title will also have dashes in it this is compromise that removes the %20 from the url while keeping the title of the page readable.

**Alternative #2: Do not put any spaces in the page name, this will provide the shortest URL but you will need to hide the Title on the page after it’s created (instructions for changing the page title can be found on the Editing SharePoint Pages Overview)

4.  A new blank page will be created with the page name displayed at top.
To learn how to edit pages, add Web Parts to a page or how to hide the page name please see the Editing SharePoint Pages Overview.

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