Nintex Forms opening links in new tab

If you paste a URL directly into a label on a Nintex form that link will redirect the user to that URL.  The problem is they will leave the form losing any information that they have entered on that form.

Often the desired behavior for any links on a form is to have those links open in a new browser tab.  Follow the instructions below to change the link behavior on Nintex forms to have them open in a new tab.

1. Drag a label control onto your form where you want the link to appear

2. Double-click on the label to open the Control settings, then:
A. Click in the text box to bring up the Format Text tab in the ribbon
B. Click on the Edit Source Option
C. Paste in the html tag for your link, the format is:
<a href=”” target=_blank”>The text that will display for your link</a>

3. Click the Save button to save your control settings, don’t be alarmed that the link will just look like text on the form editor.

When your form is published you will now have a link on your form that will open in a new tab:


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2 Comments on Nintex Forms opening links in new tab

  1. Is this only available in Nintex 2013? We have 2010 and I don’t have he “Edit Source” Option.


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