Editing SharePoint Pages Overview

The following is a list of articles showing how to create new pages, edit pages, add new App or Web Parts to pages, change the options displayed on the App pages or other customization options.

How to create a new page

This article shows how to create and name a new SharePoint site page. For example maybe you want to display the files from a document library, with some text instructions above them, and a links list besides them.  To do this you would want to create a new page instead of trying to edit the document library page which doesn’t have near as many options.

Editing SharePoint Pages Part 1

Learn how to change the layout of the page to provide different configurations (perhaps you want 3 columns on your page), how to easily tell if a SharePoint page should be edited or not, how to correctly paste information onto a page, and how to change the Style of the text on the page.

Editing SharePoint Pages Part 2

Learn how to add new App or Web parts to pages, change the placement of existing App or Web parts, and customize the look and display of App and Web parts.

Changing the page title/name

Using a Script Editor webpart you can easily change the Title that is displayed at the top of SharePoint pages.  This is especially useful when creating new Site Pages where you don’t want to add spaces to the page name as the page name is also used as the page URL.

Combining Text and Apps together

A common need is to provide some text above an App, for example maybe you want to provide some instructions above a Document Library App.  Trying to edit the App page itself can lead to breaking some of the view functionality, instead use these instructions to replace the view with a new Site Page.

Editing the App pages

When you click on an App you are brought to the default view for that app.  Learn how to customize the app view pages by; removing the toolbar which shows the ‘new document or drag files here’ option; removing the view selector menu which will hide the other library views from the page; or removing the list or library specific search box.

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