Remove Document Library View Selector or New Document Option

You can customize a Document Library views display options in the three common ways:

  1. Remove the Toolbar which shows the ‘new document or drag files here’ option
  2. Remove the view selector menu which will hide the other library views from the page
  3. Remove the list or library specific search box


If you also want to add some text (perhaps instructions for this library) or display another App on the library page as well, do not edit the library view.  Instead create a new page to combine text and one or more apps together.


Customize an App View

Any customization to an App view only effects the current view, so go to the view you want to customize (the All Documents view in this example).

1. Go to the Site Actions gear, select the Edit page option.

2. Hover over the App webpart, click on the dropdown arrow that should appear on the right hand side, click on the Edit Web Part option.


1. Remove the App Toolbar

Change the Toolbar Type selection to No Toolbar to remove the new documents or drag files here text from the App part.


2. Remove the View Selector

Expand the Miscellaneous section, check the Disable view selector menu option.


3. Remove the Library specific search bar

Expand the Miscellaneous section, uncheck the Display search box option.


Example of App Part with all 3 parts removed


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