Combining text with one or more Apps

Often site owners will want to add some instruction or explanation text to a document library view or to another type of App.  You do not want to edit the document library or other app view page directly though.  Instead you should create a new Site Page to combine text with one or more App views.  You can then edit the sites left navigation so the link that used to go directly to an App view, now goes to your new page.

In this example we are going to be creating a new Documents page which combines text instructions, a Documents library app, and a links list app all on one page:


Adding text to list or library app view

Instead of trying to directly edit a list or library view, follow these instructions to create a new page for your needs.

1. Click on the Site Contents left navigation link, click on the Site Pages library.Text-with-Apps-on-same-page-16-2

2. Click on the new document link to create a new page.

3.  Enter a Name for your new page, I usually name my page whatever my document library is named.

4. When the page is created, choose what text layout you want the page to have.

5.  Enter some text at the top of the page that either explains what this page is for or instructions on how to use this page.

6.  Add the App Part
A.  Click on the page where you want the App Part to go
B. Click on the Insert Tab
C. Click on the App Part option
D. Click on the App you want to insert
E. Click on the Add button

Finished Example:  Here is a site page with the Documents library app, with some custom text above it, and a new Links App called Links to Documents.  What I like about the Links app is you can create views to all the different document libraries on your site, and then add that App part to the right of each of your document library site pages.

Optional:  Replace the left navigation link to point to the site page.  To do this copy the URL of the page, go to Site Actions > Site Settings > Navigation.  You can now find the link to the document library app, edit it, and paste in the URL of your new sitepage.

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