Nintex Forms Hidden fields leaving spaces

When hiding fields or panels on Nintex forms sometimes you are left with blank spaces or gaps where the hidden field or panel used to be.  This article has two sections, the top section shows how to remove little gaps in a form, and the bottom section that shows how to remove big gaps from the form.

**If you are looking for instructions on how to hide fields, please see:
Hiding fields by group membership tutorial
Hiding fields using rules tutorial

Removing little gaps from the form

If you have little gaps in your form where the hidden panels or fields are, the best method is to just hide the gray background for the fields.  Sometimes it’s impossible to remove all the little gaps when you have multiple hidden fields or panels so hiding the background works best.

Hide the gray background for the fields:

The following css file will remove the gray background from behind the fields which will hide the little gaps created by hiding fields.

I.  In the Nintex Forms Designer, click on the Nintex Forms ribbon tab, click on the Settings option, and then click on the + sign next to the Custom CSS section. Paste in the following line of code at the top:

.nf-form-input {
background-color: transparent !important;


II. Save the Settings and Preview or Publish the form. You will no longer see the little gaps as the background behind the fields is now transparent:

Removing large gaps from the form

If you have a large gap in your form, that probably means that you have either fields, labels or panels that are overlapping hidden panels or fields.  Because of this overlap, the spacing doesn’t correct for hidden fields or panels.

To remove large gaps in a form:

I. Check above and below the panel or field that is causing the large gap. In this example the label and field below the panel is overlapping the panel.

II. Either resize the panel or move the overlapping fields so there is no more overlap. When you are done, there should be no overlap either above nor below the panel:

**Often removing large gaps still leaves little gaps, that’s ok. Just follow the Removing little gaps from the form instructions above to change the form branding which will hide the little gaps.

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