Nintex Forms Section Headers

To break up long forms or separate out forms into sections, you can use a customized label to create a section header.  Section headers can really improve the look of forms as they break up the listing of columns or fields:

Adding section headers to a form

1. Open your form in the Nintex Forms Designer

2. Create a space between the fields where you want the section header to go.

3. Drag a label control into the blank space

4. While the label is highlighted, click on the paint bucket background color icon.

5. Choose what you want the background color for your section header to be. The second from the top gray color background is a good selection and text can easily be read on it and you can use border colors to differentiate the sections headers.

6. Now that your section header has a background color, double click on the label to edit the text and border colors.

7. First type in the text you want displayed in the section header (ex. Manager Section), then highlight the text and increase the size and make it Bold so it displays more prominently.

8. While still in the Control Settings for the label, click on the + sign next to the Formatting section. Select which Border you want displayed, enter a border width, enter a border color (you can click on the color wheel to select from a list), and then enter the padding around the text (ex. I would recommend that you enter at least 2 for the padding). Click the OK/Save button at the bottom of the Control Settings – Label to save your changes.

9. Now you will want to size your label so it starts to display directly under your labels, if you have the label go all the way to the far left of the form it looks strange.

10. We also need to remove the light gray background color from the fields, as this looks strange on forms with headers as well. Click on the Nintex Forms ribbon tab, Settings, and then click on the + sign next to the Custom CSS section. Paste in the following line of code at the top:

.nf-form-input {
background-color: transparent !important;


11. Once you have your label all setup and displaying like you want your form headers to look like (use the preview to make sure), you can then copy your label and add more to your form. To do this, right-click on the label and choose Copy.

12. Right-click where you want the new label section header to appear and choose the Paste option.

13. You will now have another header added to your form. Just double click on the label header to change the text displayed.

Your finished form should now have headers displayed above each section:

Some other suggestions for improving the look of the form is to add a form name to the top left of the form (ex. Epic Access Request) and to use different border colors for each section:

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