Nintex Forms blank screen

With Nintex forms you might experience either a preview of a Nintex form or when trying to create a new or edit an existing form for the screen to just be blank:


The blank preview or blank form is caused by either an invalid rule or invalid javascript.  The most common cause is an invalid rule, all it takes is forgetting a closing bracket for example and the form just won’t display.  Unfortunately no errors will display, which is why with Nintex forms it’s a good idea to preview your form after every 1 or 2 new rules are created to ensure you don’t have a formatting problem with the rules.

Example 1: rule is missing a closing parentheses:

Example 2: rule is missing closing quote mark:

Example 3: rule is missing the comma after Field reference and before format:

Any of the examples above would cause the form not to load.  Fixing the rule, fixes the form:


To find which rule is formatted incorrectly, Click on the Nintex Forms tab, click on the Rules option, then check the Show All box.  This will allow you to scroll through all the rules on your form:


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  1. It helped me a lot…Thank you for the awesome blog!!!


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