Nintex Forms checking Attachments

You can validate the number of or even the type of attachments attached to a Nintex form using a new setting in the Attachment field itself.  If you need to only require attachments some of the time see the conditionally require attachments tutorial.

Require attachments on Nintex Forms

1. Double-click on the attachment field on the Form:

2. On the Attachment Control Settings, expand the Validation section

3. You can set the minimum number of attachments, maximum number, or specify what file formats are allowed to be attached to the form.

Finished Example: the form gives me an error if I don’t have at least 1 attachment.  The form also allows doc or docx file extensions files to be attached, but if I try to attach a file with a different file extension a popup error box appears:

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4 Comments on Nintex Forms checking Attachments

  1. My “client” would like require EITHER an attachment or a website. It is to assist in registration for the training requested in the form.

    So if they don’t have an attachment but have a web site this would satisfy the requirement. Or if they have an attachment, the website would no longer be required.

    I’ve figured out how to make the attachment required, but how do I over ride the requirement if the user includes a website instead (or visa versa)?

    I’ve tried counting the attachment using a calculated field, but it doesn’t refresh when an attachment is included.



  2. I would like to require an attachment – but only when not in “draft” status. Any suggestions?


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