isMemberOfGroup not working Nintex Forms

You can hide panels or fields in Nintex forms by using the isMemberOfGroup inline function.  This function would appear to have several undocumented limitations though.  This tutorial is detailing the limitations of this function, see the How to hide a field or panel in Nintex forms article if you are looking for instructions on how this function is used.

No special characters allowed in group name

The group names that you include inside of the isMemberOfGroup function cannot contain special characters such as an ampersand (&).  If you group does have any special characters in it’s name, you need to change the group name so it will work to hide fields.

Two group limit

You can setup the isMemberOfGroup function to check 2 groups using the OR inline function:

But it would appear that 2 groups is the limit.  If I try to include 3 or more groups it does not work:

Two group number of group members limit?

When using the isMemberOfGroup for only one group, I’ve been able to successfully have it work for large groups.  But, when using the function for 2 groups I’ve sometimes had it not work when 1 or both of the groups have many members in them.  I’m not sure what the exact number of group members limitation is, nor could I find any documentation about this on the Nintex site.

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1 Comment on isMemberOfGroup not working Nintex Forms

  1. Hi Nick,
    I think your fn-or is incorrect. fn-or accepts only 2 parameters. You may want to try 2 fn-or’s. Example fn-or(a,fn-or(b,c)).



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