SharePoint Calculated Column Getting Started

Calculated Columns are a column type that can be added to any SharePoint list or library:


The calculated column is then displayed on the list or library and can be used in views.

Calculated Date example:

In this example, the calculated column ‘Estimated Completion’ adds the Estimated Duration to the Start Date to come up the Estimated Completion date:

Calculated Text example:

In this example the calculated column ‘Active’ which marks all Waiting on Someone, Pending and In Progress requests as active:

This dramatically simplifies creating views of ‘Active’ requests as now you can just filter the view to show items where Active equals Yes, rather than having to setup 3 filters for each active view:


How to create a calculated column

1. Go to the list or library, click on the list/library tab, select the list/library settings option

2. On the list/library settings page, scroll down to the Columns section and click on the Create Column option.

3.  Enter a Column Name, choose the Calculated column type.

4.  Enter in the Formula, please note that when insert Columns into the formula they will be displayed with Brackets around them.  In this example, our formula will add half of the Estimated Duration to the Start Date:
=[Start Date]+([Estimated Duration]/2)

5.  Finally choose what data type your formula will display

Completed Example:  The Checkin date calculated field is half way between the Start Date and the Estimated Completion:

**For more formula examples, see the Calculated Column Formula Examples Tutorial.


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