SharePoint Hide columns on list or library

There are two different ways to hide columns or fields on a list or a library.  Conditionally where you only hide the field some of the time (maybe you want to hide the ‘Completed Date’ column when creating new items), or hiding fields all the time.  This tutorial is for hiding a column from all the list or library forms (New, Edit and View).


**The column can still be added to list or library views though if desired.

Reasons you might want to always hide a column

  • Make the field hard to edit or change
  • You want a workflow to populate or change the field value
  • You no longer need a column for new submissions but don’t want to delete it and lose all the entered data for the existing submissions

Hiding a column from all list/library forms

1. Go to your list or library, click on the List/Library tab, select List Settings.

2. On the Settings page, click on the Advanced Settings option.

3. On the Advanced Settings page, select Yes for Allow Management of Content Types.  Click the OK button to save the setting and return to the Settings page.

4.  On the Settings page, you should now see at least 1 content type in the Content Type section.  Click on the Content type.

5.  On the List Content Type page, click on the Column you want to hide.

6. There will now be 3 column setting options, choose the Hidden option.  Click the OK or Save buttons until you return to the main Settings page.

Completed Example:  The hidden column can still be shown on views:

But it will not be shown when creating a new item, editing a item, or viewing an item:

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