New Task list for Nintex Workflow tasks

Some Nintex workflow actions create tasks on the SharePoint site, for example both the Assign Flexi task and Request Approval actions create tasks. These tasks are by default created on the sites ‘Workflow Tasks’ list. If you would like all the tasks for a specific workflow to have it’s own tasks list, you can setup the Nintex Workflow to create it’s own Task list.

**Even Lazy Approval Flexi Tasks still create actual tasks on the site, the task list can be a great resource to review active tasks (i.e. tasks that have not been completed) or to review who approved which task and when.

How to Create a new Nintex Workflow Task list

1. Open the existing workflow, click on the Workflow Settings option.
2. Scroll down to the Task list section, select Create new… from the dropdown. Enter a name for the new task list for this workflows tasks.
3. Save the workflow settings, publish the workflow.

4. Once the workflow has been published, the task list can be found on the site. Just click on ‘Site Contents’ in the site left navigation, then scroll down to find your new WF Tasks list:
**All tasks created by that workflow will now be created in this new workflow tasks list.

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2 Comments on New Task list for Nintex Workflow tasks

  1. How can you use an existing Task List as it doesnt show up in the that drop down of task lists?


    • So Workflow Task lists and regular task lists are actually 2 different types of lists. You can’t setup workflow tasks to write to regular tasks lists, your two choices are to to either use the existing ‘Workflow Tasks’ list that should be on every site. OR to have the workflow create a new workflow tasks type list named whatever you specify which is the process described in this wiki article. Thanks.


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