Runtime Function examples for Nintex Forms

There are two types of functions in Nintex forms, ‘Runtime functions’ which run while the form is open and ‘Inline functions’ which run before the form is opened.  Runtime functions are used both for Calculated Value control formulas and for Rule formulas.

The following are a list of common Calculated Value runtime functions, see the rule examples tutorials if you are looking for form rule examples.  This list is in alphabetical order.


If you are doing a calculation and displaying a date, you will usually need to combine the formatDate() function with your calculation.  The dateAddDays() can be used to add days to a selected date field.

OR the dateAddDays() can be used to subtract days from a selected date field.  Note that the second value in the dateAddDays() function can either be a field reference or a static number.


You can also use calculated fields to show the difference between two date fields, or the difference between the current date and a date field.


You can conditionally populate a field value as well, for example if you want the title to be different for different request types.  Use the If() function with the format:
If(condition to test, value if true, value if false)


You can nest if statement if there is more than one condition to test, format is:
If(condition1 to test, value if true, If(condition2 to test, value if true, value if false))


You can display additional field values from the item selected in a List lookup field on your form.  Use the lookup function with the format:
lookup(lookup list title, ‘ID’, named control, lookup column name to display)
In the example above the lists title that is being looked up is ‘Items List’ and the column in the Items List which we are displaying the value for is named ‘Price’.


List Lookup fields return both the Items ID and value (2;#Paper Towels).  Use the parseLookup function to either return the column value (true)
OR item ID (false)


Can lookup profile values for the specified people picker field or current user.
**See the list of Nintex Forms User Profile Values

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