Copying Nintex Workflow Emails

The problem with trying to copy the email text from one Nintex workflow email to another, is the field references don’t copy. If you just highlight all the text in one email, and paste it into another workflow email, it appears like it works (references are in red and underlined), but it’s just red underlined text not true field references:

Copying workflow emails

If you are using the Send notification action, you can just copy the entire action by right-clicking on the action and selecting copy, then right-clicking on a node in the workflow and select Paste. This will copy the entire email action including the field references:

Copying Workflow email text

There are instances where you might need to just copy the text of the workflow email though, the most common is for Assign Flexi task or other ‘User interaction’ workflow actions where the email body is inside of the actions.

1. Go to your email body that you already have setup with field references.
A. Click inside of the email body
B. Click the Edit Source option (it’s in the Format Text tab)

2. Copy the HTML source of the email, click OK to close the HTML source display.

3. Go to the email template you want to paste the text into and click inside the email body.
If it’s a Flexi Task:
A. Click on the General tab
B. Click on the Reminders option

4. Click the Edit Source option (you might need to click on the Format Text tab first)

5. Paste the HTML Source you copied in step 2, click the OK button

6. Your email with field references should now be displayed in the email body.
Finished Example: The copied email text is now showing the referenced fields instead of the red underlined text:

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