Listing Site Contacts options

For regular SharePoint pages there are two primary ways to list site contacts on a page using web parts; the summary links web part or the site users web part.

The summary links webpart allows you to show people’s profile picture and customizable information about the person.  The Site users webpart meanwhile shows the users in a specified Bridge group, so although it only shows the people’s names it is updated dynamically when people are added or removed from the specified group.

For o365 modern site pages, there is the People web part which is basically a nicer version of the Summary Links web part that allows you to show specified people.

Showing people using the Summary links web part

1. Go to the page you want to add the webpart to and click on the Edit option.

2. Click on the page where you want to insert the webpart.  On the Insert tab, select  the Web Part option, Content Rollup category, choose Summary Links, then click  the Add button.

3. The summary links Web part should now be displayed on the page. Click on the New Link option.

4.  Select the Create a link to a person option.  Either type in the person’s name and click the check person icon, or find the person in the phonebook.

5. Once a person has been selected, the Title, Link URL and Image URL will all be automatically populated.  Enter the text you want to display next to the person’s image in the description field.

6.  The Image on left is usually the preferred style for people listings, click the OK button.

7.  The summary links webpart should now be displaying the person with the description text next to their image.  You can add additional people and rename the webpart to finish the setup.


Showing people in a group with the Site Users web part

1. Go to the page you want to add the webpart to and click on the Edit option.

2. Click on the page where you want to insert the webpart.  On the Insert tab, select  the Web Part option, Social Collaboration category, choose Site Users, then click  the Add button.

3.  The web part should now be added to the page.  Click the dropdown arrow in the web part and select the Edit Web Part option.

4.  Select Show people in the group.  Click on the phonebook and find the SharePoint group that you want to display.

5.  Expand the Appearance section, enter a Title for the web part.  Click the OK button to save your web part configuration.

6.  The Site Users web part should now be displaying on the page with the members of specified group:


o365 modern site page People web part

1. Go to a modern site page, click on the edit option

2. Click on + sign below the site image, scroll down until you find the ‘People’ option, click on it to add it to the page:

3. Type in and select one or more people:

4.  Replace the People profiles text with the name for your web part:

5.  You will now have a web part on your page to list the site contacts for your site.

About Nick Hurst (85 Articles)
SharePoint and Nintex developer who strives to find easy to deploy and maintain solutions for business problems.

2 Comments on Listing Site Contacts options

  1. Hi – Good article, I didn’t know Summary Links could do that. Question: I note you managed to get “Contact Nick about…” and “Phone Number” on separate lines? Is there a trick to this? as when I add a break, all of the lines run together? Thanks


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