Promote key items to the homepage

If you have an App web part on your homepage, the view should be adjusted to only show key items and not show a huge listing of all the items or files.   This will allow your site visitors to concentrate on the most important information and not get overwhelmed.

Promote document library files

For large document libraries it usually works best to add a new column called ‘homepage’ or something similar to choose what files should be shown on your homepage.

1.  Go to the document library, click on the Library tab, select Library Settings.library-key-documents-15-1

2.On the Library Settings page click on the Create column link under the Columns section.library-key-documents-15-2

3.  Create the column that will record if file should show up on the homepage:
A.  Enter a Column name (Homepage, Key Document, something along those lines)
B.  Choose the Choice (menu to choose from) type
C.  Enter a description for the column
D.  Select No for Required column (Our best practice to not make document library columns required)
E.  Enter No followed by Yes for the two options (putting No first makes it the default which is what we want)
F.  Leave the selection for display choice on Drop-Down Menu
G.  Ensure that the default Value is No.
Click the OK button at the bottom to create your columnlibrary-key-documents-15-3

4.  Return to the library, click on the Library tab, select Quick Edit

5. Mark what documents need to show on the homepage, when finished click the Stop editing this list link.

6.  Now that the new column has been added to the library is setup you need to edit the App web part on your homepage (or add an App web part for this App)

To edit the App web part, go to your page, then Edit the page.
A.  Hover over your App Part and click on the dropdown arrow that appears.
B.  Choose the Edit Web Part option
C.  Click on the Edit the current view link on the web part properties windowlibrary-key-documents-15-6

7. Under the Filter section, select Show items only when the following is trueSelect your recently created column (i.e. Homepage) from the first dropdown.  Type in Yes in the text field.  Click the Save button at the bottom to save the view.library-key-documents-15-7

8.  The App Part should now only shows the documents that were selected as key or homepage documents.  Next we need to edit the title of the App Part and provide instructions for people to click on the title to see all documents.

Click on the Edit option to edit the page again.library-key-documents-15-8

9.  A.  Hover over your App Part and click on the dropdown arrow that appears.
B.  Choose the Edit Web Part option
C.  Click on the Appearance plus symbol to expand that section
D.  Enter in a new Title for the App Part with instruction to click here to view all documents, e.g. Homepage Documents (Click here to view all the documents)
Click the OK button at the bottom of the web part properties window to save your changes. library-key-documents-15-9

Finished Example: Your App Part should now only be showing your key or homepage documents, and have a descriptive title with instructions to click on it to see all the documents. library-key-documents-15-10


Promote List items

You can either add a new column to the list to signify if an item should appear on the homepage (like in the document library example above), OR most often you can just sort the Lists App web part view to show the most relevant items.  Depending on the list this could be the most recent items, items not completed, etc.

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