Popup search help

This post shows how to add a search help link that displays some search tips in a popup dialog box on your SharePoint search page.

The code for the popup dialog box came from the ‘SharePoint New’ blog post:

Adding popup search help to a search page.

1. Download the zip file which contains the 9 image and html files:

2. Extract and then upload the 9 files to the Site Assets library on the search site.

3. Go to the search page where you want the help link to appear, edit the page and click on the Add a Web Part option.

4. Insert a Content Editor web part.

5.  Once the Content Editor web part is on the page, edit the web part.

6. Paste in the link to the appropriate html file in your Site Assets library.

Finished Example

You should now have a text link above your search box that opens a popup dialog box with search tips in it.  You can customize the html file and image files to display your own tips if desired.

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