Creating an email alert link

Email alerts can be very useful for not just power users, but for site visitors as well.  Unfortunately the email alert option is either hidden in the ribbon or in the ellipses where many people will never see it.  To make the option more accessible, you can create a link on your homepage that allows users to setup an email alert for a desired list or library.


Creating the link

To create the link, you need to find the GUID for the list or library you want to setup the email alert for.  An easy way to find the GUID, is to go to the rating settings for that list or library.

1. Go to your desired list or library

2. Go to the list or library settings

3.  Scroll down the list/library settings page and click on the Rating settings option

4.  At the very end of the ratings settings url, right after List= is the GUID.  Copy the entire URL for the Ratings Settings page including the GUID

5. Replace the ‘RatingsSetting.aspx’ with ‘SubNew.aspx’ in your copied URL.  Your URL should look something like this:
https://<Farm Name>/sites/<Site Name>/_layouts/15/SubNew.aspx?List=%7B06cb6e98-864c-4871-ac4b-9e45e650f088%7D

6. In order to have the person return to the page they started, you will need to append ‘&source=/’ and the ‘page url’ where you are going to put this link at the end of your link:
https://<Farm Name>/sites/<Site Name>/_layouts/15/SubNew.aspx?List=%7B06cb6e98-864c-4871-ac4b-9e45e650f088%7D&source=/Home.aspx

So in that example above we are going to return the person to the Home.aspx page once they have created their email alert.

7.  Use either the Quick Links (o365 modern page) or Summary Links webpart (all other SharePoint pages) to create the link with an image.  Links with images are much more effective than just plain links.

8.  If you need an email icon, download this email icon (right-click on it and choose to save image:

9. Your completed link should look like one of these two examples:



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