OOTB is an acronym for ‘Out Of The Box’ and was chosen as the name for this site as the vast majority of the tutorials on this site require no coding, custom development, or the use of any developer applications.  The intended audience for the majority of the tutorials on this site are Sub-Site Owners or higher.  Essentially individuals who at least have access to add and modify Apps, Views, Pages, and Site Settings.

SharePoint – Many people are surprised when they learn how much functionality you can provide with SharePoint out of the box.  But SharePoint can be an unwieldy beast which is not always intuitive to use.  My hope is that by providing good tutorials with lots of screenshots I can help people leverage the SharePoint built in functionality to provide good solutions for their site members and visitors.

Nintex – Nintex is a vendor who provides 3rd party tools for SharePoint.  At the organization I work for we purchased Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflows near the end of 2014 and our Site Owners love it.  It’s made creating online forms and workflows so much easier than using InfoPath and SharePoint Designer which is what we were using before.

About Me – My name is Nick Hurst and I’m an IT professional who has been building, administering, and supporting SharePoint environments since 2005.   I’m a huge advocate of sharing knowledge and this site is my effort to give back to the online community who has provided me with so many answers and knowledge throughout the years.

I have no affiliation with either Microsoft nor Nintex and I’ve tried to provide unbiased tutorials which cover both the challenges and advantages of the different functionality and features.



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