Nintex Forms FormatDate Formats

Using the FormatDate() date function, you can choose to make a date or time display however you would like on your form: The table below shows the different date and time [...]

Nintex Forms checking Attachments

You can validate the number of or even the type of attachments attached to a Nintex form using a new setting in the Attachment field itself.  If you need to only require [...]

Nintex Forms making text larger

Instead of trying to change the size of every label and field in your form to make the font larger, instead you can use javascript to make all the labels and fields larger: [...]

Nintex Forms hide form ribbon

You can hide the ribbon that displays above Nintex forms if you want to hide all the form ribbon options: Please be aware that if you hide the ribbon for the form, you also [...]

Nintex Forms blank screen

With Nintex forms you might experience either a preview of a Nintex form or when trying to create a new or edit an existing form for the screen to just be blank: Solution The [...]

Nintex Forms confirmation messages

Although there is an option on Nintex Forms Buttons to allow you to setup confirmation messages, this setting should only be used if Causes validation is set to No. So [...]