Creating an email alert link

Email alerts can be very useful for not just power users, but for site visitors as well.  Unfortunately the email alert option is either hidden in the ribbon or in the [...]

Promote key items to the homepage

If you have an App web part on your homepage, the view should be adjusted to only show key items and not show a huge listing of all the items or files.   This will allow [...]

Listing Site Contacts options

For regular SharePoint pages there are two primary ways to list site contacts on a page using web parts; the summary links web part or the site users web part. The summary [...]

SharePoint Calculated Columns

SharePoint Calculated Columns can be used to remove commas from number fields, open links in a new tab, categorize active items, display images, customize text, and do date [...]

Formula Examples

Examples of SharePoint Calculated fields, Nintex Form Rules, Nintex Form Calculated Values, and Nintex Runtime Functions or Formulas. SharePoint Calculated Field formula [...]

Calculated Columns missing fields

On some lists or libraries you might not see all the fields on that list or library as Columns that can be inserted into Calculated fields.  Some field types like the ones [...]