CSWP Showing Personalized Results

Content Search Web Parts can show results specific for the current user.  The personalization options can be for the person’s organizational profile date [...]

Customizing web part display

Using a css file you can customize how the web and app parts look on a page.  Take a look at the examples on this page, then you can download and use or customize the [...]

Popup Feedback Form

You can create a simple feedback form using a custom list and create a link/button on your homepage to open the feedback form in a popup modal dialog box using a simple html [...]

Promote key items to the homepage

If you have an App web part on your homepage, the view should be adjusted to only show key items and not show a huge listing of all the items or files.   This will allow [...]

Listing Site Contacts options

For regular SharePoint pages there are two primary ways to list site contacts on a page using web parts; the summary links web part or the site users web part. The summary [...]

Enabling Key Filters on Apps

Both lists and document libraries have a Key Filter functionality that can be turned on for that App.  Key filters will show up in the left navigation for that App, and [...]